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Stop Spending hours gathering information on a bank when you can gather that information instantly. 

Not only has Peer Comparison been applicable to banks but it’s also proven useful to consulting firms and bank holding companies. We have an interface tailored to Multi Institution Organizations that allows you to seamlessly switch between the banks that you work with. Multi Institution Peer Comparison has all the same features as Peer Comparison, allowing you to create unique groups. This is an incredible tool for getting an overview of any bank across the country. Use Multi Institution to analyze a bank before approaching them with your solution or as a way to effortlessly display their metrics. Putting your banks’ metrics in context helps you identify exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are in their relative market. 

Incredible Visualization and Updated Information

These clear visuals help you directly identify where each institution stands among their peers. Each metric is updated every night to give you the most up to date information. This prevents you from having to redownload outdated information from the UDPR. Get the visuals with the best display and accurate information through Multi Institution Peer Comparison. 

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“In my experience, there is no software that gives this essential overview better than LakeHouse Analytics' Peer Comparison” -Jamie Sumner, VBC Partner

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