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Why spend hours researching a bank when we compile that information for you instantly?

Not only has Peer Comparison been applicable to banks but it’s also proven useful to consulting firms and bank holding companies. We have an interface tailored to Multi Institution Organizations that allows you to seamlessly switch between the banks that you work with. 

1. Visuals that Efficiently Portray Performance 

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Our software is designed to help non-analytical bankers and the c-suite understand complex metrics. The UBPR can provide the data but that is just one part of the data issue. Save time creating data visualizations by using our charts, graphs, and tables to portray an institution's performance.

2. Intuitive Navigation 

LakeHouse makes it easy to navigate between institutions and performance rooms. Multi Institution Peer Comparison is so easy to use, it's being utilized at banking schools and classes across the country to teach future bankers how to analyze their metrics. Each page is clearly identified but we have also implemented search bars to help you efficiently find what you are looking for.

3. No Need to Download Data

You won’t need to continuously download and redownload reports when a bank refiles with the FFIEC. Our data is constantly updating to insure that you are analyzing the most up to date metrics available. This saved time allows you to get back to doing what you do best, helping banks continue to be successful. 

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 “In my experience, there is no software that gives this essential overview better than LakeHouse Analytics' Peer Comparison”

-Jamie Sumner, VBC Partner

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