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Peer Comparison puts your data in context, making it easy to extract and view.

Peer Comparison

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Peer Comparison allows you to make better strategic decisions by putting your metrics in context. We help you stay ahead of the competition by identifying financial institutions near and far who have similar metrics to yourself. Evaluate data from those competitors and use that insight as part of your decision-making process. 

Although there are hundreds of metrics that the FFIEC reports on, gather data comes with numerous issues. We strive to solve these four issues that community banks face.

1. Data Can be Nearly Impossible to Navigate

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Using real scenarios tailored to your bank, we illustrate the immense value that Peer Comparison Provides. We guarantee that the time you save will be well worth this quick 30 minute demo. Plus we'll give you a month free of our premium subscription! So what are you waiting for?

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Our software is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate. In fact it is so straight forward that Peer Comparison is used in strategic classes across the country as a learning tool to help educate the current and next generation of bankers. Each page is clearly identified but we have also implemented search bars to help you efficiently find what you are looking for.

2. Visuals From Other Services are Poorly Designed

The visuals that you receive through Peer Comparison are clean and simple, helping to clearly display your metrics to investors. You can download any of our pages as a PDF so that you no longer need to spend time creating the visualization yourself. We make it as easy as possible to display your metrics in a meaningful way. 

3. You Must Download the Data in Order to Use it Effectively  

You won’t need to continuously download and redownload reports when another bank refiles with the FFIEC. There is never any data input necessary on your end, everything is automatic and updates each night. This helps your bank make informed decisions with the most up to date information.

4. A Price Community Banks Can Afford - Plans Starting at $0

Using another data service? We are so confident that Peer Comparison is the best data provider that our basic plan is $0 - with no credit card required. Try it out and you'll understand why life is better at LakeHouse. View our plans or sign up here.

Peer Comparison alleviates those problems and then goes the extra mile to make that data useful to your individual bank. Through custom peer groups, you are able to see your bank's data in the context of your peers. Smart decision making starts with having the best data. Get to the metrics you value most with Peer Comparison.

Bringing Data Into Focus

Avoiding the UBPR is great but that is just one piece of Power when it comes to Peer Comparison. Where we excel above the rest is by making your data truly matter. Peer comparison gives you the power to compare yourself to banks and groups of banks across the country. We have three different ways to form peer groups, all of which are geared to your specific strategy. Putting your metrics in context helps identify what you need to do in order to thrive in today’s competitive environment. View some examples in our article written about SVB's collapse.

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Hundreds of Metrics at your Fingertips

We display hundreds of updated KPIs at just a click away. We calculate our metrics with real time data, making it easy for you to view and extract. Every graph, table, and chart can be converted to a PDF and used for reports in the board room. Book a demo to see what makes these reports a key factor in formulating successful business strategies. 

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