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LakeHouse gathers, organizes, and presents data in a streamlined way- saving you time and keeping your investors happy. We have innovative solutions for banks, holding companies, and consulting firms. Find out what each option can do for you below.

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Peer Comparison

OurĀ  premier product rocked the banking industry when we first launched. Although business strategists have been emphasizing the importance of monitoring competitors for decades, there hadn't been a software designed to do so. Peer Comparison entered the market and changed the way bankers strategized forever.

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Consulting Firms and Holding Companies lack a cohesive dashboard...

Multi Institution is the solution you've been looking for

Our Multi Institution solution allows consultants and holding firms to seamlessly switch between any bank across the country. This powerful tool increases efficiency by bringing each of your organization's metrics into one place. Discover why Consulting firms can't operate without it.

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