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Why We Do What We Do

We’ve found that all banks face challenges in effectively supplementing, analyzing, and reporting their data. With our suite of products, we make reporting easier and ease the burden on financial analysts. LakeHouse aims to increase your employees value by saving them time and effort in areas that don’t revolve around their specializations. Analysts should be analyzing numbers provided, not taking countless extra steps to get those numbers.

Often core providers make access to data tricky and sometimes expensive. Once you gain access to core data, it’s mostly optimized for transaction processing instead of data analytics. Access can provide you with some of the data, but you still must collect and transform it so that data is useful to the organization. With each product, LakeHouse focuses on three aspects:

1. Simplify access to data

2. Ease the burden on data analytics

3. Fill data analytics gap

Our affordable solution was built with community bankers in mind. LakeHouse provides set subject specific products and visualizations to enhance existing reports and data analytics. These reports target the access, tools, and skills around data. We fill the analytics gap with software that simplifies and makes data matter.

Our Story

Just two days after Sally Wolgin officially retired from her Senior Vice President position at a community bank in Malvern PA, she came up with a unique idea. Her bank’s CEO was always using groups of their peers for a number of strategies and Sally would generate those reports. To supplement this, she created Peer Comparison allowing users to create peer groups and compare their data straight from the UBPR. Naturally, that Malvern bank became Peer Comparison’s first customer and from there we’ve taken off!

What is a LakeHouse Anyway?

Our name, LakeHouse, comes from the massive amount of data that is available for the financial industry to use. These large chunks of unorganized data are known as “data lakes”. We take that data and organize it in a streamlined way, hence the name LakeHouse. Our products ease the burden on you and your financial analysts- giving you a sense of calm and relaxation that can only be found at a place like LakeHouse.