Written by LakeHouse Analytics

VBC Partner Jamie Sumner endorses Peer Comparison

August 2023

“In my experience, there is no software that gives this essential overview better than LakeHouse Analytics' Peer Comparison” -Jamie Sumner, VBC Partner

Jamie Sumner has been called the “wunderkind of analyzing, trending, benchmarking, and modeling a community bank's balance sheet, income statement, and risk profile.”

As a partner of Velligan Blaxall Consultants, he currently leads the performance analysis team providing financial institutions with risk vs. reward profiling, strategic and capital planning, and custom analytics. Before joining VBC, Jamie’s numerous experiences include being a managing partner of Seifried & Brew LLC, the Director of Analytics and Chief Operations Officer at M.RAE Resources, LLC, and a financial analyst at BNK Advisory Group. These experiences, specifically in ALM modeling, risk assessment, and fixed income portfolio management, are the foundation of his analytical projects and models that he builds.

Jamie also presents at ALCO meetings and conferences on topics including strategic planning, capital planning, ALCO best practices, budgeting, deposit strategies, back testing, industry trends, and the economy.

If it isn’t clear by now, Jamie Sumner is a very well respected consultant in the financial industry. His intuition has helped him earn respect from each organization that he works with. Sally Wolgin, LakeHouse CEO, recently had the pleasure of demonstrating Peer Comparison’s full power to Jamie. Ater having a chance to familiarize himself with Peer Comparison, he had this to say about our software.

“Board Members and Senior Bank managers should always be able to easily access their bank's metrics and know how they stack up to their competitors and the industry at large. That way, when a more detailed analysis of the Bank’s results is presented, those Board Members and Senior Managers are bettered prepared to understand their results and can form better questions. In my experience, there is no software that gives this essential overview better than LakeHouse Analytics' Peer Comparison.”-Jamie Sumner

Utilizing Peer Comparison, Jamie is able to convey the overview of how a bank is doing and what they can do to improve. It helps drastically when Board Members and Senior Bank managers and those institutions also have a view on how they are doing so they can be aware of their position and ask the questions that matter to their overall strategy.

Peer Comparison shows you where you’re going, where the industry is going, and how to improve. Schedule a demo today to get your custom report for free!