Written by LakeHouse Analytics

CFO of Fleetwood Bank, Tom Mennie, Endorses Peer Comparison

September 2023

Tom Mennie, CFO of Fleetwood Bank, has officially endorsed Peer Comparison. Tom graduated in 1990 from Temple University with a bachelor’s in finance and real Estate. Since then, he has held positions of Controller, Treasurer and CFO at various community banks where he developed his expertise in accounting, finance, treasury, capital planning, and risk management operations.

Tom is an active member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Financial Manager’s Society, having served on the Board of Directors and as a previous President. Additionally, he also served on the Finance Council of the National Financial Managers Society.

The LakeHouse Team was able to sit down with Tom and have a conversation about how he has been utilizing Peer Comparison.

"We use Peer Comparison to see how Fleetwood Bank stacks up against our local competitors, which gives us a clearer picture of how our metrics are performing.  We also use Lakehouse as a training tool to help broaden the financial knowledge of our staff." – Tom Mennie, CFO

It is vital to provide clear visuals to help explain complex concepts to less experienced bankers. LakeHouse specializes in keeping the data simple and relevant so you can understand your bank's full story. As Tom describes, he finds this particularly interesting when comparing himself to other banks. Our clean look gives him a clear picture and provides context to how his bank is performing.

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Not only does he use Peer Comparison as an information gathering tool, but he has also been using it to train his staff.

Peer Comparison is being used in educational classes and board rooms to help illustrate the way these complex metrics interact with each other. The more educated your employees are, the better equipped you will be to handle any challenges that come your way.

Peer Comparison is what you need to give your metrics context and keep your bank educated. Schedule a demo today to get a custom report of your competitors for free!